Introduction To Core Training Solutions

Welcome To Core Training Solutions

Core Training Solutions (CTS) are providers of training courses that focus on key knowledge and skills that your managers and employees need to help them perform more effectively, and achieve better results. 

We typically work with Heads of Learning and Development, Training Managers ond sometimes Directors from various companies and organisations, who are facing these kinds of issues:

  • High turnover of employees
  • Employees are underperfoming or in need of skills development
  • Employees wanting to leave the organisation or change departments
  • Sales or results in the organisation are falling
  • Managers in need of training on leadership and management skills
  • Losing customers because of low quality customer service
  • Increaseed number of customer complaints or poor customer feedback
  • Poor delivery of performance reviews and appraisals
  • Too many ineffective meetings taking place
  • Communication issues within the organisation
  • Technical trainers who need the skills to deliver courses

CTS can help provide training solutions to these issues, along with others that you might be facing.

So, please do contact us today to arrnage a meeting to see how we can assist you. 

How CTS Can Help You:


Once You Contact Us

We will meet with you and discuss what type of issues you have, and what kind of training solutions you require.

Training Needs Analysis

We will get feedback from you and also your delegates to tailor each training course to your needs.

Course Creation

Designing and creating a training course that improves the competencies of each delegate. 

Training Course Delivery

Delivering a  highly interactive course, that engages and stimulates all delegates throughout the training.

Post-Course Objectives Or Assignments

Set post-course objectives or practical assignments that challenge delegates to implement aspects of the training.

Continued Support

Providing continuous consultative support for HR and Training Managers and delegates.

Types Of Courses CTS Delivers

Management & Leadership Training Courses


CTS are providers of training courses to managers at all levels to enable them to improve their leadership skills, along with the practical competencies needed to be an effective manager.

Employee / Staff Training Courses


CTS are providers of training courses for employees to enable them to improve their personal skills and competencies, so that they can help their departmental teams achieve better results.

Train The Technical Trainer Courses


CTS provides training to technical trainers, using activities, exercises, video and practical feedback, to greatly improve their course delivery skills

Core Training Solutions 2018-2019 Brochure

Click on the link below to download a copy of the CTS 2019-2020 brochure

CTS Brochure 2019-2020 (pdf)


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